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You are our PRIZE

Ours is a family story. Pulitzer Hotels is a family-run business born in Barcelona in 1967. Over half a century creating inspiring hotels where unique stories take place.

The adventure starts here

When we travel, we leave home as one person and return as another.

We are all different people in different places, finding parts of our story we never knew in other cultures, languages and times.

Silver Membership

If you are looking for a unique experience, we invite you to join our Prize Club.

As a Silver member, you will be able to enjoy an extra 5% discount at our hotels along with the other benefits included booking through our website: Wine moment, room upgrade, Early c.in, early c.out…

Join us and start enjoying all the advantages we offer you!

Gold Membership

If you are also a frequent traveller and you love to stay in our hotels, you can get the Gold account by becoming a member of our Prize Club with 5 or more reservations in any of our hotels. 

You will enjoy an extra 10% discount, we will welcome you with a Premium Cocktail so you can relax and enjoy the reception you deserve, and we will also surprise you with a special detail in your room, to make you feel that you are our most special guest. 

Make your fifth reservation at Pulitzer Hotels and start enjoying unforgettable stays!